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A learning centre in Clive that nurtures your child's wellbeing

We believe in the magic of childhood and that children deserve respect, consideration and unconditional acceptance. The differences children bring to our learning centre in Clive enrich each day and each of us in some small or large way. Chuckles Learning Centre's staff needs to be open to learning from the children as well as helping them learn how to live a happy and healthy life.

Our Environment

Chuckles Learning Centre in Clive is designed to be as much like home as possible. Our home-like environment and operational practises will allow your children to feel like us, comfortable, peaceful and understood.

All our children

At our Learning Centre in Clive, Hastings, all our children are encouraged with the same consistent philosophy that we embrace, the philosophy of mutual respect, consideration, support, and individuality.

Our end result

Chuckles Learning Centre aims to provide quality Early Education in Clive, Hastings that will benefit children for the duration of their life. A good early start to pre-school education is the start of a bright future. And that's why we constantly work to make sure your child gets the best possible education and care. Call us today for more information.
A learning centre in Clive that nurtures your child's wellbeing
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